Fedor's student knocked out the Brazilian Mammoth with one punch! Hard knockout from Vadim Nemkov!

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Vadim Nemkov is one of the strongest Russian fighters currently performing on the world stage of mixed martial arts. He has been undefeated for over five years and holds the belt of the undisputed Bellator light heavyweight champion. Almost all fans are waiting for his arrival in the UFC and are sure that Vadim can easily take the title of the best light heavyweight on the planet.
And today we will go to the beginning of the glorious path of the youngest of the Nemkov brothers. In 2015, he took part in the annual traditional S-70 tournament. Then Vadim was only 23 years old, but he was already the champion of Russia, Europe and the world in combat sambo, and also had four victorious fights in professional mixed martial arts.
At the same time, he was chosen a very difficult opponent. They became an experienced Brazilian fighter Joaquim Ferreira, nicknamed Mammoth. He had 19 victories in 28 fights, a successful experience of participating in the M-1 Challenge tournaments and he could boast of victories over such fighters as Junior dos Santos and Maxim Grishin.

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  1. M-1 Global
    M-1 Global

    Пишите, чьи бои вы бы еще хотели увидеть на нашем канале!

  2. Костров Руслан
    Костров Руслан

    Пришёл, увидел и побил! Без пантов и балтовни! Мужик! 👍👍👍

  3. Валерий Павлов
    Валерий Павлов

    Браво Немков,удачи и успехов в боях и жизни!

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  6. Виталий Гридчин
    Виталий Гридчин

    Настоящий боец ! И очень хороший ученик Фёдора Емельяненко !!!

  7. ZET WAN

    Какой учитель, тренер такой и ученик 👍✊👊

  8. Cory Huff
    Cory Huff

    People always like blaming the referee for stoppage. As if he could have got up. He went stiff with those arms and lost in his eyes.

  9. John Brown
    John Brown

    Dude gets up and says he’s okay. Yes because the ref stopped it when he should’ve

  10. Михаил Гончаров
    Михаил Гончаров

    Немков отличный боец

  11. Осман Муча оглы
    Осман Муча оглы

    Зря он понтуется,вовремя остановили.Красавчик Немков..

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    Sergei Siliankin

    Упал, как кленовый лист....

  13. Академия Спорта
    Академия Спорта

    Сила русского самбо!

  14. Tough fights
    Tough fights

    Куда там бразил еще буровил на судью, хотел в больничку отъехать?

  15. Doctor Barmental !!! 14
    Doctor Barmental !!! 14

    А вот кросс от Фёдора!))))

  16. D Sartain
    D Sartain

    He has learnt very well from the amazing Fedor!

  17. Donnie Dean
    Donnie Dean

    Great fucking knock out. Awesome fight that was a loud punch that was felt all the way to Brazil!

  18. Fantom

    Какой уверенный в себе парень, перспективный малый! Красавчик!

  19. Alex

    Вадим будет номер 1 в мире, дайте ему Джонса отпинать

  20. Виктор Глазунов
    Виктор Глазунов

    Не переживай Перейра...,со всеми когда-нибудь случается в первый раз...,лиха беда-начало...