A Dagestan puncher destroyed a Spanish gangster! Wushu Sanda vs kickboxing! Knockout of heavyweights

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The champion of Russia in wushu-sanda Kurban Ibragimov, representing the Fightin Eagles club from Khasavyurt, possessed a striking technique rare for a heavy weight and bore the battle nickname Wardrobe. You can find a big movie about this interesting and spectacular fighter on our channel using the link in the tooltip.
And today we will tell you about one of Kurban's first professional fights, which took place in May 2015 in Orenburg at the M-1 Challenge 57 tournament.
His opponent was the Spanish kickboxing champion David Trallero, who, in addition to a very colorful appearance, also had a very extensive experience in fights in various types of martial arts. Shortly before the events described, the Spaniard managed to make a sensation in some way. In the fight for the MMA Union Super Cup, he lost during the fight to the unstoppable world champion in mixed martial arts Znaur Khetagurov, but in the second half he managed to turn the tide of the fight and win by technical knockout.

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    5 фактов о бойцах

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